5 tips to increasing productivity in the workplace

Workplace is an important factor that needs to be taken care of properly. Postponing day to day activities, feeling lethargic and wasting more time in organizing the things indicates that you’re working in the poor office environment. Carrying out activities in such an environment leads to stressful and depressive mood. We all come across such days in life where your ‘to-do’ list never ends and the longer time you take in finishing these tasks, the more stress you invite on yourself. It surely hampers the productivity of employees and degrades their way of thinking as well. Making amendments in your daily work routine can generate productive results and also increase the profitability of the company. In this article we will highlight five steps that can help in increasing the productivity in the workplace. Productivity is a measure of how efficiently the staff works in order to generate goods and services. By working smarter staff can make difference in the company by doing more work in the same amount of time.

  1. Develop Productive Work Culture

It’s very important to develop healthy and productive work culture in the office. Those employees, whose point of view and opinions are considered, work with more loyalty, professionalism and commitment. They are also willing to walk an extra mile to achieve excellence in their work. Creating positive and respectable environment is necessary to look into employee’s insight and thought-process. Also implement policies to prevent inappropriate behavior, discrimination and harassment.

  1. Birds of a feather flock together

Encourage employees to group the similar tasks to complete them in one go. Improve your habit of answering emails that too with a slot of 10 emails every 2 hours. Likewise you can make almost 15 calls in one row to complete the schedule on time. Clubbing the similar tasks will improve your efficiency and also prove beneficial as you get along with the rhythm to complete the batch. Technology can also help you in grouping the tasks like by putting the important label on priority emails of similar subject. While shifting your focus from one slot to another, take a quick break and get back to work with fresh and relaxed mind.

  1. Ergonomic Workstations

Employees should be treated as a part of family. Along with ventilation, furnishings and toilet accessories, they should be given well made ergonomic workstations in the office. You must have noticed employees falling sick with backache and eyes problem because their sitting posture is not up to the mark. Replace old and dull furniture with new and advanced range of ergonomic workstations to increase the productivity of employees at workplace.

  1. Treat everybody equally and fairly

In any organization people join in from different sectors, background and educational qualifications. It’s vital to treat everybody fairly and equally. Obviously there are certain people who always won ‘star performer of the month’ tag, but importance should be given to those as well who maintains the regular job consistency. Fair treatment influences the employees to work above the bar and inspire them to achieve the benchmark. There should be different strokes for different people in the company. From encouraging them to stay organized to remove the things that lead to distraction, proper training should be given to all employees.

  1. Plan activities for the next day

Most of the times we are so engrossed in our daily routine work that we forget to make notes to plan activities for the next day. This activity of jotting down the main points to work on next day should be taken seriously. It will help you a lot in saving the frustration, time and energy. When you know exactly what you’re required to do, productivity will increase on its own. Set realistic goals, say no to gossip and stay focused on work and there’s nothing that you cannot beat in the corporate world. Manage sometime to read articles based on your stream and what all you can do more to achieve success in it.

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