Bailey Dual Purpose Ladder is an Extremely Versatile, High Quality Ladder

Its Industrial Duty Rating ensures strength and durability. Its anti-slip feet and tapered back legs provide stability when working. Its dual rung design allows it to be used for various applications and is easy to store and transport. Designed with a range of benefits, this ladder is the perfect choice for any job site.

The dual sided Bailey ladder features heavy-duty locking hooks that provide secure ladder alignment. Its aluminium construction is strong and it meets Australian Standards. The sturdy latches make it easy to store or transport. This ladder can also handle the weight of 180kg. You’ll love the versatility of Bailey dual purpose ladders! They will keep you safe and happy for years to come! We have some handy tips to help you choose the right ladder for the job at hand!

bailey dual purpose ladder

When choosing a ladder, consider the usage and the height you need it to reach. Bailey dual purpose ladder are ideal for medium-height work because they convert easily into a straight ladder. Fibreglass ladders are also strong and non-conductive, although they are heavier than aluminium. Always test the ladders you buy to make sure they are safe to use. Make sure that the platform deck is smooth and non-slip and it’s stable, and that it doesn’t show signs of wear.

These ladders are strong and safe and meet relevant Australian and New Zealand standards. Choose from several models. The superior strength version has a 150 kg load rating and a quick-latch mechanism that transforms the stepladder into an extension ladder at the push of a button. Anti-slip feet add safety to the safety features. This ladder is ideal for industrial work sites, as it is made from durable aluminium.