Benefits of Building Inspections in Melbourne, Australia

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, it is imperative to ensure building inspections are carried out. This will ensure that your home meets all current health and safety standards and is in compliance with building laws and regulations. It will also provide peace of mind that you have selected a quality building and property. When choosing a builder, make sure he carries out his own Building Surveyor’s reports. Mr Inspector’s in Melbourne, Australia is able to provide the necessary information and this information is reliable and trustworthy.

Building Inspections Melbourne

Mr Inspector by his own personal observations will tell you what defects exist in the property, such as Safety Hazards, structural defects, Major Defects or minor maintenance defect types. He will give you a clear indication of whether your home is up to current Australian building regulations and safety standards. He will also assess the condition of the roof, basement, walls and main door. These are all key areas to building safety and compliance with building regulations. He may also conduct tests on the insulation, cooling and lighting systems, electrical works and plumbing.

There are several ways you can choose a Melbourne, Australia mr inspector. He may be recommended by a friend or relative, who has been through the experience. You may find a referral from your Building Registration Office, which keeps records on all approvals and authorizations for construction, alterations and repairs to real property throughout the country. Your Building Regulations manual will provide you with detailed instructions on when each section is to be completed and any information specific to that section. These manuals are usually available from the regional Building Regulations Office.

Most inspectors have a list of satisfied clients, so you can request their names and contact numbers from the BOC. Alternatively, search on Google for the name of a company with several Melbourne, Australia building inspections on its website. You can then contact the company or send a written inquiry, preferably through their customer service page. Before allowing any inspector into your home you should always ensure they have the required Building Licence.

In order to find out whether they have the relevant Building Licence, a good way is to ask for a list of terms associated with their various inspections. Do they have a certificate of inspections and clearance for termite control? Are they licensed to conduct wood pest inspections, and do they practice the kind of preventive maintenance that is necessary to prevent further damage and loss to your property? The most basic of building inspections will not reveal anything about termite control, however this is often an area where the cost of further damage may be far greater than for termite identification and control. It is usually recommended that all inspectors, including those conducting timber pest inspections, are inspected by an independent Building Inspectors Association of Australia (BIAA).

Once you are satisfied that the BOC has met the requirements set out above, it is important to identify whether your property needs a General Inspection or a Compliance inspection. A Compliance inspection report is generated when a contractor has made all corrections necessary to comply with the building regulations and has re-certified the property as being in compliance. Generally this refers to a major repair that has been made to one wall or other structural component. Some house inspections also refer to re-treading a floor and adding a new sub-floor. This is generally a cosmetic change to the interior of the building and not a repair that would require a Compliance report.

The main benefits of a Building Inspection Melbourne include the savings in both time and money associated with identifying problems early before they become significant to the health and safety of your occupants. An example of a problem may be loose drywall that has been found during an inspection. As the owner, you have the opportunity to make repairs to the wall before it becomes a Safety defect that can be potentially dangerous. Qualified Melbourne mr inspectors will identify all risks and fix them as quickly as possible.

One other benefit from having your property inspected is that the Inspector gives you written direction about what actions need to be taken to fix building work if any defects are identified. The written direction usually indicates which areas of the building need further investigation. Having your inspectors on site at the start of the construction period can help to speed up the process of fixing defects. You can then concentrate on the implementation of your plans to achieve maximum occupancy levels and enjoyment by occupants.

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