Etch Marks Removal From Marble Floor Tile

Marble is an expensive stone, making it essential to know how to care for it to extend its life and beauty. Marble is a material that is ideal for flooring, countertops and other interior design applications. It is beautiful, durable and naturally elegant. Despite its many advantages, Marble has a propensity to scratch and dent more easily than other materials.

Marble offers a multitude of Marble Repair services to assist you avoid the need to constantly replace your marble or stone countertops. Everyday heavy foot traffic and daily use will contribute to minor scratches and scrapes on your marble countertops. Over time these minor scratches and scrapes can take their own toll on your countertop surfaces. Marble Repair services can help prevent you from having to replace costly Marble countertops.

Etching is the process of applying a thin layer of coating of either epoxy or acrylic paint over a Marble surface to create a raised pattern or texture. Etching occurs when small mineral particles are heated above your Marble, while the paint is applied below the etching. When heavy or repeated scratching or heavy weight falls on the affected area the edges of the etchings may begin to lift, resulting in small cracks and crevices. This etching process is repeated over again, gradually forming a raised pattern on your Marble, over time forming a somewhat unsightly, low-quality appearance. Marble etching can be avoided by properly cleaning your Marble, but some people choose to have etching performed periodically to maintain their beautiful countertops.

Marble Restoration is the process of restoring your Marble to its previous luster. This process involves sanding off the unwanted etchings and cracks, sealing the cracks with epoxy resin, and applying new top coats of paint. It sounds rather complicated, but the results are quite outstanding. Many homeowners who decide to have their Marble restoration done professionally find that having professionals perform the Marble repair saves them a lot of time and expense and guarantees that their Stone looks incredible for years to come.

If you are thinking about doing your own Marble repair and restoration project, be forewarned that doing so will take a great deal of skill and know-how. There are numerous methods for Marble repair and there are even more books on the subject. Proper care is still necessary for all Marble surfaces after the repairs have been made; proper sealing is also necessary to prevent any future staining.

To begin the cleaning marble repair process, you will need to gather the following items: Paper towels, polish, cloth, polish remover, glass cleaner, scrubber, and an iron or soft steel wool. When choosing which Marble cleaning supplies to use, you should consider whether you will be using the cleaner directly on the stone surface, or if you will be applying it to a paper towel then placing it on the surface. Some cleaners are recommended for use directly on the stone, while others may be better suited for use on the paper towel before applying it to the surface. Regardless of which type of cleaners you choose to use, you should never place any type of cleaners directly on the marble unless it is mop water. This can result in serious damage to the surface and can also create a chemical reaction with the natural elements of the stone.

Once you have gathered the necessary supplies, you should turn off the power source to your home and make sure that no pets are in the area. You should also remove any loose debris such as pet hair, food, or any material from the carpet or rug behind the Marble tiles that you plan to repair. If possible, you should also vacuum the floors prior to beginning the marble cleaning process. If you are unable to vacuum the floor, you should use a wet/dry vacuum, although you should avoid using any type of carpet cleaning brush, especially a metal one, as the bristles of these types of brushes can permanently damage the polished finish of the marble floor tile.

If you are attempting to perform your own marble repairs and etch marks removal, you should not clean the surfaces in the same manner as a professional marble repair technician. There are many reasons that etch marks can appear on a stone floor, from extreme temperatures to rough use. The safest way to remove these types of markings is to contact a professional marble repair technician to remove them for you.

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