What are your main services?

Our services are dedicated to two sections: Investors: If you are a Tier 1 visa applicant, InvestUK offers services in sourcing and facilitating existing investment opportunities in the UK. This includes sourcing companies that are either looking to raise up to £200,000 or more for their company. As a Tier 1 investor, you will be investing in the company either as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Tier 1 Investor. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur route will ensure that upon investing, you will be appointed as a Director to the company and begin working with the company and its management team. This process includes InvestUK covering all application documents including business plans and other marketing material.Alternatively, InvestUK will support you in establishing a UK based company by facilitating your business plan preparation and the implementation of your business. If you are a non-visa related investor, InvestUK provides foreign direct investment services by presenting opportunities to invest in the UK. Please contact the team for further information. Investees: If you are a UK company looking to raise a minimum of £200,000, InvestUK will provide you with the opportunity to present your company to investors who are looking to invest in the UK by joining a UK based company. You are required to submit a number of business documents to proceed on this basis. Please contact the Investment Manager for further details. 

Who are your standard clients?

You do not necessarily need to have business experience to invest into our companies. Our clients range from High Net Worth investors to business people and graduates. We assess the client’s background based on their academic and/or professional experience and will accommodate the investment requirements accordingly. ce or assistance we can introduce you to a suitable provider.

How long does the immigration and investment process take?

This is dependent on the client and is assessed on a case by case basis. We will request you to disclose your timeline (if any) and act according to your time schedule. Alternatively, we are flexible to suit each clients’ timeframe but this can routinely take up to 2-3 months. However, our fastest processing time for a Tier 1 Investor visa investment is 5 days. 

Are you immigration advisors?

No, we are not immigration advisors. In the UK only companies that are OISC registered can give immigration advice. We are extremely familiar with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Tier 1 Investor schemes and provide business solutions which match clients who are in the UK on these visas, but we do not provide immigration advice to clients. We work with a number of the UK’s leading immigration advisors and lawyers which we have carefully selected.  If you need advice or assistance we can introduce you to a suitable provider and work with them to facilitate your application.

Can you invest in my business idea?

No, we do not provide funds to support a business plan or visa application.  We only work with clients who have the necessary funds for their chosen category.

Can you help me secure funding from Venture Capital funds or Seed Investment competitions or UK Government Departments?

No, we do not work with applicants to help them secure third party finance for their Entrepreneur visa applications.  We only work with clients who have access to the necessary capital required for the Entrepreneur Visa.

What are your fees?

Please see the Process and Fees section on our website.

Can you tell me what business opportunities are available?

We have a range of entrepreneurial opportunities suitable for international entrepreneurs who are looking for a qualifying business.   These opportunities are constantly being added to and include opportunities, for example, in: retail, consumer brands, online technology, clean technology and social enterprise.  Please contact directly to find out how we can help you choose a suitable opportunity for you. We have a high turnover of investment opportunities and have a wide range of sectors that will accommodate your sector preferences. We also have a number of exclusive investment opportunities in the infrastructure and renewable energy sectors which have been tailored specifically for the Tier 1 visas.