Marble Restoration – How to Restore Marble Floors and Walls

At present Marble Restoration is one of the most commonly undertaken and applied art form worldwide. It is a restoration process that revitalizes a piece of marble or granite by bringing back to life its original color and texture. Most importantly, it brings back that “old” charm and beauty of the marble or granite surface. There are many companies that undertake Marble Restoration to give your homes and offices the natural and timeless beauty and elegance. The process of Marble Restoration includes sanding, grinding, coloring, sealing with sealant, sealing with grout and sealing with a grout sealer.

At present, Marble Restoration service providers are available across the world to cater the demands of customers who require marble restoration services. The basic function of marble restoration is to bring back the luster and the sheen of the original marble tiles. It also helps in revamping the appearance of a tiled surface, especially when those tiles have been damaged due to external and internal factors like soiling, spills, water seepage, wear and tear etc. It can be restored by using the right tools and professional techniques.

Marble restoration is the best way of getting back your beautiful flooring, counter tops, vanity tops, wall claddings, tub surrounds, fireplace mantel, and stone mosaic tiles. Marble Restoration, no doubt, is a long, tedious, expensive and painstaking process but if done by experts, it is worth every penny. They ensure that the marble restoration process does not leave the surface dull, battered and scarred. Apart from this, they do it at such a low maintenance cost that you will be able to reuse them again. You can keep them polished, waxed and cleaned without having to spend a lot of money on frequent renovation or replacement.

There are many types of marble polishing methods. One can opt for the natural stone floor restoration through which the surface of the marble is restored by using marble polishing stones that have been pre-treated with resin and are then set and buffed. After this the surface is sealed and then the desired polish is applied to get a mirror like finish. In this method there is a lot of effort put into the restoration of the flooring, since there is the risk of damage if the polishing stones are not handled carefully.

Another kind of marble restoration involves removing the worn, scratches, stain marks, chips or dents from the floors, walls and counter tops with the help of specialised cleaning equipment like squeegees, brushes, floor buffers, dry vacuum devices and steam cleaning. The professionals who perform the marble restoration take special care to buff and seal the surface so that no further harm be inflicted on the floor or the wall. They do it by carefully removing the dirt from the cracks and edges and by leaving no space for the accumulation of dust or dirt.

A more convenient way of marble restoration is by installing carpet runners in the place of marbles in your house and also repairing any worn and cracked floor. Carpet runners are used as protective covers for both the floors and the walls and they too have the power to repair and restore the marble floor, wall or counter top in any condition. With their help you can also keep your marble floor beautiful for longer.

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